Ultimate Arm Wrestling

This is a battle between Red and Blue. You have seen it before, but not like this!

Ultimate Arm Wrestling takes advantage of the iOS touch screen to deliver superb game play. This is more than just a monkey pushing a button. You will have to concentrate! You will need all the strength, speed and stamina your arm is capable of to win this battle!

The scene is set with an aggressive soundtrack that helps you focus for the task at hand. Let the music get your adrenaline flowing, you are going to need it.

When you play Ultimate Arm Wrestling for the first time, you will notice 2 things:

1. The graphics and animation are beautiful
2. That button you have to tap keeps moving around!

That's right, this game takes advantage of the touch screen design and moves the button around to random locations. You will have to stay on top of these movements if you want to win! But beware, the longer you take to win, the faster the buttons moves around. Get the job done quickly!

In Survival Mode, it is you against the device. Things start of nice and slow so you can get your fingers warmed up, but things get challenging after that. There are 10 levels for you to get through. The question is, can you get through them all? You score is based on how far you get and how quickly you get there, so don't take you time! Share you score online with Game Centre and see how far your friends and the rest of the world can get.

In Versus Mode, you can play against anyone you like, right there on the one device. Beware though, the battles get very intense and there will be rematch after rematch! This is so much fun for you and all your friends!

Win or lose there is a little surprise waiting for you. I don't want to spoil it, so just download Ultimate Arm Wrestling now and find out for yourself!