Peleus Pectorius

the all-round champion

The fierce warrior Peleus Pectorius was always destined for greatness. He is the son of Achilles, loved by the gods and renowned for his courage and leadership on the battlefield. Now competing against the strongest and fastest in the arena, he living proof that Spartans are truly descendent from Hercules himself.


Calcus Colossalopoulos

a man of absolute power

When Ares, God of war, was cut by the sword of Zeus on a celestial battlefield, a droplet of his blood fell from the heavens onto a block of pure white marble, high on Mount Olympus. Three days later, Calcus Colossalopoulos burst forth from that block of marble with a god-like roar and Olympian strength – the strength of Ares.


Theodore Thickilakis

the wise, experienced competitor

Theodore Thickilakis, perhaps the most naturally gifted of all the competitors, was, for a time, also the most ill-disciplined of them. In his youth, his amazing abilities on the battlefield were an object of far-reaching fame but his talents were squandered when his attention turned from training to his legions of adoring female fans. As wisdom and experience were visited upon him by the years, he recognized his true potential and his place in the history books. While he is no longer the fastest or strongest competitor, he is certainly the wisest and most experienced.


Eleni Leggilouris

soaring like a bird in flight

Born into a prestigious aristocratic family, it was arranged for Eleni to marry Steriotipicus, air to the throne of one of the most powerful ruling families in Greece. Wanting instead to compete in the arena in what were then considered games for the military and lower classes, she turned her back on her would-be husband, earning the ire of the ruling class. Disowned by her family, she trained night and day earning her immortality in the pages of history.


Despina Dashidakis

who runs like the wind

Orphaned at the age of 5, Despina was left to fend for herself on the cold, harsh streets. Stealing what she needed to survive, she developed into the most cunning, swift and agile thief in Sparta, able to outrun and outmaneuver any would-be pursuers. Caught one day by a street merchant with a keen eye and a soft heart, he took her in and raised her as his own. Realizing her potential for greatness, he helped her focus her remarkable abilities onto the athletic arenas of Greece where she is now one of nation’s finest competitors.