Spartan Athletics Tips and Tricks

Running Events

The running events for Spartan Athletics have been designed to mirror the act of running in real life. When you run in real life, your strides have to be long, fast and consistent.

This is the key to getting up to speed in Spartan Athletics. Keep your finger strokes long, fast and consistent. On the iPhone and iPod Touch, you may use 2 fingers in a running motion to get up to speed. The game play has been tweaked for the iPad, and its best to use a single finger to swipe on this device.

Throwing Events

There are 2 main types of throwing events in Spartan Athletics. The run and throw, like the Javelin, and the stand and throw, like Discus and Shot Put.

With events like Javelin, run as described above to get your speed meter as high as possible. When you are ready to throw, swipe at an upwards at an angle. Again, just like real life, the longer and closer to the 45 degree angle you achieve, the farther you will throw.

With the Discus and Shot Put events, follow the onscreen instructions. Once you are familiar with the motions, perform the events without taking your finger off the screen. The faster you make the circle on the screen, the more power you can generate.

Jumping Events.

There are 2 main things to consider here, speed and timing. First get your character up to speed and then swipe upwards at the right time to get the best jump. Try and anticipate when you will need to jump rather than waiting for the onscreen prompt. Again, keep your swipes long and as close to 45 degrees as possible.