Spartan Athletics Reviews

The No. 1 Athletics App for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

"It’s fun and refreshing to be directly physically responsible for what your avatar is performing on the screen... the game is fantastic!" - Review by Freshapps

The have created a detailed video review which can be seen here

"It's a fully 3D game, with some great animation and skilful camera work that not only ensures you can see what you're doing while competing, but gives you a good view of the action once your javelin hits the air, or you jump from the pole vault." - review by knowyourmobile

" [Spartan Athletics] brings ancient athletics into the modern day. Sandals and stopwatches at the ready" - review by insidecellphone

It's not surprise that Spartan Athletics made it into the top 10 iPhone and iPod Touch games, and even hit the number 3 spot in the US App Store!