Music Theory

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"...practice sections are phenomenal... Pure gold" - Review by Brian,

"I mean seriously people, if you play music, you should have this app on your iphone" - Review by

" [Musicopoulos] offers a huge amount of review potential for the student learning music" Review by techinmusiced

"If you or your child is learning to play an instrument, this app is for you." - Reviewed by

"I was really quite impressed by Musicopoulos. As a home schooling mother, I sat up and took notice right away of what a useful tool this application will be." - Review by homeschoolblogger

"lessons with accompanying practices in notes and intervals, scales, and chords. Finally, you can fit your favourite class in your pocket" - Strings Magazine, January 2010, No. 177

For beginners and intermediate users, Musicopoulos will take you through all the necessary steps to help you become a better musician. For advanced users, these exercises will help keep you sharp and focused.