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Major Chords

Understanding How Major Chords are Constructed

A chord is a set of 3 or more related notes of different pitch played together simultaneously.

In this lesson we will learn how a Major chord is constructed from 3 notes of the corresponding Major scale.

Chords with 3 distinct notes are referred to as triads. There are 4 basic triads we will cover; Major; Minor; Augmented; and Diminished.

As the Minor, Augmented and Diminished triads are all constructed relative to the Major triad; this lesson will focus on the Major triad with the remaining triads covered in the next lesson. The Major triad can be constructed using the following methods:

  1. Given any Major scale, the Major Triad consist of the root (1st), 3rd and 5th notes of the Major scale
  2. The first note of the Major triad is the root note of a given Major scale, moving 4 halfsteps up from the root derives the 2nd note of the triad and moving up 3 halfsteps from the 2nd note of the triad derives the 3rd note of the triad
Major Chords Example

No matter which method you used to construct the Major chord, the name of each note in the triad is the same; the root note, 3rd and 5th.